Our Service Philosophy

Excellent product and price contribute to customer satisfaction within the printing profession. However, in the end, a printer’s success is always driven by its service.

2L, Inc. sincerely believes in a high level of service. That is why we make an exceptional effort to ensure clarity, understanding and efficiency throughout your project.

When needed, 2L, Inc. can react quickly to emergencies. In certain cases, orders can ship in less than 48 hours. We can also store and ship your items to your specifications.

You have many choices of printers in a competitive field. How you feel about our attention to you will determine whether you turn to us for your next project. You will be just as important to us after a project as you were when you first called us.

2L, Inc. is here to serve you. Contact us at (630) 337-7651 for the service you expect and will receive from your printing resource of choice.